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How to use Remote Support

If a technician needs to remotely assist you, you will need to provide connection information.

To see if TeamViewer is installed:

  1. Find the clock on the taskbar
  2. Click on the arrow to the left of the clock, for showing hidden icons.
  3. Find an icon that is a Blue Square with a White Circle & Blue Arrows on it.

TeamViewer might be located in the "Hidden Icons" section of the Taskbar.

  1. If it is not there, you can download it on the Helpdesk website: http://helpdesk.vbisd.org/home/

Go to "helpdesk.vbisd.org/home/", scroll down to the bottom left and click on the "Remote Support" link.

  1. Download and run the application. You will need to provide the Technician with 1- 2 items of information, The Partner ID, and a password, if the application shows it.


TeamViewer Partner ID & Password window.

  1. Click on Share screen when the Technician connects!
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